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As requested, I'm putting this recipe up, and since Facebook is terrible for longer posts, I may as well use my largely defunct account here. (*waves at everyone who thought I was gone from this site for good*)

While I've seen this concept on more than one site in the past, this was more a case of "I have extra avocados from the other dish, and I wanted to make deviled eggs anyway, so why not do this" at 11 pm the night before the party.


10 eggs (because you forgot you ate two of them for breakfast last weekend)

Hardboil these eggs. I realize there are holy wars fought over how best to do this. I put them all in a big pot, cover them with cold water (with a pinch of salt) then heat it to a boil. Once it transitions from tiny bubbles to a real boil, turn it off/remove from heat, cover the pot and let sit for 12-15 minutes or so. When done, take them out and submerge them in cold water to stop the cooking process. Then peel them.

Oh, some people believe you should turn all the eggs upside down in the carton about half a day before you use them, to center them more perfectly. I cannot vouch for this working, but if you have old eggs (best for hardboiling) that have been sitting there a while, it makes some sense.

While that's going on, do the following:

- mince about quarter of a red onion. (A couple of teaspoons worth? How much do you like onion and how much is leftover from whatever else you're doing?)
- mince some jalapeño. I did about the same amount as there was onion, but obviously this is to taste. (Note, I had ones in a jar of vinegar, you can do this with fresh, but that tends to be hotter, so keep it in mind.)
- If you are the cilantro/coriander type, chop up a tiny bit of that. If your guests think it tastes like soap, don't do that.

Take your cooled eggs and slice them lengthwise. Gently scoop the yolks out and put the hollowed-out whites aside.

Put 5 yolks in a bowl with two avocados. Mash them together with a fork. Add the jalapeño and onion (and cilantro). If it needs salt or pepper, add that.

Don't throw the other yolks away! Find something else to do with them, they are yummy. Honestly, you can use more or less yolks to avocado - this worked out to still primarily green, and yummy.

Scoop the filling into the halved egg whites. (You can try piping it, but this is fairly chunky, a spoon works fine). Dust lightly with paprika.
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As promised elsewhere, a year in pictures.

Basically one picture per day on which I took them. (I gave myself some leeway for events crossing midnight.) I did not always pick what I might consider the "best" picture of the day, just the most evocative of things happening.

I think you can't comment on flickr if you aren't a member, so feel free to comment here.
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A 4.9? I'm impressed, I didn't think we were going to break 4.
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Is there some kind of rule that episodes taking place in New York must follow the title scheme "X takes Manhattan"?

It's the mid-season finale, so yes, there are spoilers. )

This season, much like last, hasn't really grabbed me, and I suppose we will have to see if the 2013 half picks up.
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At least it wasn't a Charmed crossover.

A spoiler or three )

A fond nod to the normal life of the Ponds, but I am sufficiently bored of them that I fear they have a lot of work to do to make me care.
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The Doctor goes back to the Old West for the first time in almost half a century... it never really does work out for him, does it?

Only draw if you like spoilers, pilgrim. )
In the end it was a nicely structured story but felt terribly flat. I can't really say much more about it. It passed the time. I even forgot I hadn't reviewed it yet, it was that ephemeral.
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From the concert Wednesday night.

(Yes, the blog is terrible. I eventually paid the guy to just go away. I will hopefully one day have time to experiment with learning enough Wordpress to do something nice to it myself.)
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And just like that I am reminded why I like this show.

If you do it right, it can be cracking great fun.

I'll try to keep spoiler free, but no promises. )

If Asylum of the Daleks was just the outlier of trying to hard to be "big" and Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is going to be representative of the new "no story arcs" approach, this may be a fine season after all.
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The seventh series of Doctor Who arrives with the return of the Ponds, a Parliament of Daleks, and a quick demonstration that Moffatt has no intention to change the style or tone he has brought to the show for his two years in charge.

Luckily, that kept my expectations low.

More than a few spoilers within. )

All in all a weak start that doesn't bode well for the rest of the series and implies the slap-dash storytelling Moffat's run has become known for will continue. The "Everyone thinks the Doctor is Dead" bit looks like it will be remembered when convenient, if at all, although I can see some arguing that the closing scene with the Daleks is actually a hint that the whole "First Question" thing will be a story arc this season despite our fervent hopes.

Still, the next episode has dinosaurs on a spaceship, so that might be fun.
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So I went to the Débat des candidats dans Verdun today, arriving a bit late due to work.

misskitty79 saved me a space by the pillar, since it was pretty jam packed (I'd put it at 120 people or so). As some of you know, I've been less than enthused about my options in this election. Due to some prearranged agreement due to time constraints, only 5 representatives were given full time: PLQ, PQ, CAQ, QS, and ON. The Greens and the CUQ had to stay in the back, to be given 5 minutes of time at the end.

My impressions?
Liberal Henri-François Gautrin
--> Did not show up. This probably saved him some serious shit-talking from the crowd.

Parti Québécois Thierry St-Cyr
--> Blew my mind. Progressive, passionate, on top of the issues and knows how to work a crowd, stay on time, answer debate questions, and always work in his core message of "this is why we need a sovereign Quebec". If it wasn't for my deep distrust of Pauline Marois and the PQ, he might have won my vote right here.

Coalition Avenir Québec André Besner
--> Very solid. He's live here for most of his life, decided once he retired he would go into public service. I disagree with most of his fundamental principles, but he struck me as professional, engaged, and was impressively able to take some hits from a crowd that did not like him.

Québec solidaire Chantale Michaud
--> I like a lot about her platform, but she doesn't know how to handle this kind of format. Constantly going over time because she was reading her answers, rather than speaking them, she then got so flustered by being called out on it that when the red sign for no more time went up, she'd just stop mid sentence instead of finishing her thought. This marred what was otherwise some good policy ideas and what appeared to be a very solid knowledge of the local situation.

Green Jeffrey Mackie
--> Only got to speak at the end. Made the effort to do it in French, although it was clearly difficult for him. Just a vague stump speech introduction with no real policy meat.

Option nationale Marc-Antoine Daneau
--> He probably wished he hadn't had a seat for the debate, and had given it to Green. He apparently started with fair support from the crowd, but pissed it away by basically saying independence was the answer to everything. No context, no nuance. Probably just a computer geek who agreed to run. He did get better as the debate went on, which I complimented him on afterwards. That was NOT easy (it got to the point people just started laughing when he started to answer a question) but he stuck with it and clearly learned some just watching the professionals. No way I'd ever vote for a group whose entire platform basically consists of "Why aren't we already splitting off from Canada? We can figure out details later."

Coalition pour la constituante Elisabeth Doyon
--> Did not see this human.

Quebec Citizens' Union Philippe Refghi
--> He gave another quickie 5 minutes speech at the end. OK, but a bit unfocused, with most of it dedicated to the idea of "the old parties are bad, and voting for someone new isn't wasting your vote".

In the end, I am really glad I went. QS seems to have massive support, which surprised me. There is certainly a "dear god, get the liberals out" mood, but vote splitting PQ/QS could be a big deal.
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One person actually managed a 3:33 am text. She gets a cookie.

I have so far received "adventurous", "sexy", "Paul Giamatti" (which seems to contradict the other two), and "Too cool for school" as messages today.

There was also an extended email thread at work involving disturbing My Little Pony pictures.

All in all, pretty good so far.
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OK, so the guy I hired has set up a template/design/plugins for wordpress for my site after forever, many misunderstandings, and a general sense of malaise.

It sucks, but has functionality I like, so I'll worry about making it work by actually having the damn thing up and just posting, who cares what it looks like.

Fine. Great.

He's sent me what appears to be an xml export.

Fine. Great.

So how the hell do I get it on my site? I have an old wordpress install with dreamhost. If I just import this, will it apply all the menus and plugins and what have you? Dreamhost and are deeply useless in answering this question. (What happens to the posts that are already there? Do they stay?)

I've backed up everything from the old one to the best of my ability, but how I actually get the new bits up is completely opaque to me since documentation is something no one seems to believe in.
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Everyone give something interesting!
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For those of you who are not facebook-compliant, I am trying to organize my month of birthday activities by way of a group I can pin events on.

I will relay them here, and anyone who wants to ping me to ask specifically for email notifications can.
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I once had a friend of mine who tends bar tell me that she always treated me well at the bar because I was good at running interference. Namely, in cases where there was a client (almost exclusively male) who was having trouble with respecting the boundaries and personal space of herself or other clients at the bar, I was good at acting as an extra distraction to help keep the pressure off the intended target.

This weekend, after rehearsal, I grabbed a coffee with my friend Kendall on the way to a photo shoot she was doing with a new photographer. Since the old port is often difficult to navigate and she had a big valise of clothing, I walked her to the shoot proper.

The photographer greeted us outside, invited us into his gorgeous Old Port apartment, and explained how he had seen her stuff online, and she needed his "eye, and vision. While I need your youth and colour." Then he offered to go get alcohol.

I turned to Kendall and asked if she wanted me to stay for a bit to keep an eye on Captain Sketch of Sketchytown. I stayed the whole time.

I know there are sketchy "photographers" whose entire goal is to have half-naked women in their house. I just hadn't actually run into one yet.

My reward for the good deed Saturday was carrot ginger soup, nan-bread with garlic, and watching the 1980 Flash Gordon so Kendall could go nuts about the costuming, so I was well recompensed.

It upsets me that I still need to run interference.
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As many of you know, I have long supported Tilda Swinton as the next Doctor. Having recently seen a photoshop of Hugh Laurie (in full House mode) as The Doctor, I think I need some counter propoganda. Thanks to not-my-facebook-friend Angela, I was pointed to these pictures.

Anyone enough of a Photoshop wizard to get a TARDIS in there and Doctor these up?
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So since my first plan of convincing SJ Tucker to do a house concert in Montreal on my birthday didn't happen, I have been lax about planning something for what is a milestone birthday if measured in base 10. Since I have the play pretty much right up to that weekend, that has complicated things.

Therefore, I decided I would do a series of smaller parties, celebrating the many facets of the universe I enjoy, and the friends who enjoy them with me over the course of May.

Some thoughts include:
- rent a private pool room and shoot some stick
- Fancy Dinner party/Wine tasting
- Something Art related. (A vernissage, perhaps?)
- Massive photoshoot/photowalk
- Something of Intense Geekiness.
- A symposium? (Old school. Drinks, food, and a subject of debate until Plato shows up and schools us all. Or something.)
- Other? (Picnic? Treasure hunt?

All suggestions welcome.
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Second trailer.
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The first trailer/mockumentary clip for 5 Angry Men - the play I am in this April - has gone live.

The youtube channel is here. More clips will be added over the next few weeks.

Tickets are already on sale online:
They are $14 (plus service charge = 14.32). They will also be sold at the door.


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